Three of Our Family Members Needed a Place to Stay

By | January 28, 2017

When my daughter came back home to live with me, it was a big surprise. She had been so happy with her husband for years, and I had no idea there were any problems between the two of them. After discussing it with my husband, we decided it would be fantastic for her to bring her children and live at our place. We needed to do some work first to make that happen, and getting an electrician in New Jersey to come by and work some magic was the first thing that needed to be completed.

My daughter had met her husband about 10 years earlier. We never really liked him all that much, but she was starry-eyed when it came to him. Her father and I worried about whether she was making the right decision to marry him, but she is an adult and came make her own decisions. We did ask her to think some things over prior to marrying him. We saw some problems that could be trouble for her one day, but she dismissed each of the things we brought up. It turned out that she had trouble with him for many years throughout their marriage but she kept it from us because she was embarrassed to admit that we were right. That’s okay because we understood perfectly and still love and respect her.

When she called one fall morning to tell us that she was leaving her husband, we told her that she could come stay with us until she gets back on her feet. She would be bringing both of her children with her, and we did not want the three of them to struggle on their own in a tiny apartment every month. We then realized it would be best if she just live with us for the next year or so because she would be able to save for a house of her own that way.

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